Fall of Cybertron Ultra Magnus


Fall of Cybertron - Another and most probably my final Ultra Magnus review (until I can get my hand on the Masterpiece version - Just maybe). Anyway; he is a redeco/repaint of FoC Optimus Prime that I had reviewed before. Why am I getting him? Most probably because of that huge bad ass sword. I do not remember him as a playable character in the single player of Fall of Cybertron (maybe in multi-player?). One thing for sure; he got very nice detail and again; that sword really look bad ass. Here is my review of Ultra Magnus



Ultra Magnus is legendary among Autobots and Decepticons alike. The mere sight of his armored form charging into battle is more than enough to inspire his troops to victory, and his strength as a warrior is more than enough to break any Decepticon army. Source: TFU.info

Vehicle Mode

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Apart from the fact that he is a remold/repaint of FoC Optimus; so I won't bother much on the detail of his vehicle mode. He does got a very good paint job though. So much detail going on.

Robot Mode

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So if you owned FoC Optimus before; then I will say it again that the transformation was easy. You just need to be aware of the shoulder part. Anyway; I really love the paint detail on Ultra Magnus. Even his head sculpt looks amazing. It does leave the gimmick of Ultra Magnus being a white version of Optimus Prime (a very common attribute especially on Alternity, United and older Masterpiece version). For a G1 enthusiast; Ultra Magnus fall short on the height department. In G1; he is tall than the rest of the Autobot.

Like I previously mentioned; the only thing I love about this figure was his sword. That big sword is actually very light weight compared to Sideswipe big fragging gun. To me; it is a fresh start for Ultra Magnus who are known to wield a hammer. The sword can be disassemble but I really do not get the gimmick pretty well. TFU.info mentioned that the big sword is a combination of weapon. But I never did try to pose this figure with the separated sword parts.


Although the hype was all about the sword; I still love this figure as a separate entity. Ultra Magnus is a great addition to my FoC collection. So I am going to say that he is a rugged little fella in his own right. There were 3rd party add-on for Ultra Magnus which make him look even better. I don't recall the name of the add-on but it looks pretty amazing.




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