CW Powerglide


Combiner Wars - Finally a better looking Powerglide. I can't afford to buy the Classic 2.0 Powerglide; so this would be quite a nice value for your money. Basically, Powerglide is one of the G1 mini-bot (and how I wish that Beachcomber and Seaspray would be redesign). When Hasbro announce Powerglide as a legend class Combiner Wars figure; I was really excited. The new figure is the best looking Powerglide known and identical to his animation counterpart. And the best part; he transform himself into a powerful blaster for the combiners. Here is my review of him.

Generation Windblade


30th Generation - Meet the official fan-made Transformers; Windblade. According to; she was officially revealed at the 2013 SDCC (San Diego Comic-Con) after running a few polls from fan. What I love about Windblade was she is the first Autobot female that I ever bought (Yes, I bought Airachnid from TFPrime). I think I forgot that I bought Arcee from TFPrime but sold it before I could ever review or displayed it (in this case, that does not count). Well, I really like her appearance and here is my review of her figure.

CW Bombshell


Combiner Wars - It is a bug world out there. Anyway; this is the second Insecticon that I bought. We are missing the last legend wave (Megatron, Starscream, Gears, Skrapnel, Tailgate, Swerve and Cosmos). Either it arrived a few or none at all (and selling like hot cake). I can't complain much but at least the new Combiner Wars line release Bombshell (and yet to see upcoming Huffer, Blackjack and Warpath). Here is my review of this great and simple figure.

Age of Extinction Optimus Prime


Age of Extinction - It is a guilty pleasure when I saw this figure that was selling for half price. I really can't resist to pick up this figure instead of Grimlock (I hate those bony Dinobots). Anyway; I really felt as a leader class, this figure really shrink almost to a voyager level. I still remember holding my RoTF Optimus Prime and RVS Leader Class Starscream. Those were heavy and was almost difficult to transform. This felt almost like a blown up voyager class. Now here is my review for this figure.

AoE Evolution Pack - Optimus Prime


Age of Extinction - Sorry for the late update. Been busy with life and collecting some masterpiece along the way. This double pack caught my eyes because of the classic/henkei mold. I already have the AoE Evasion Optimus (but never did review it); so here is my chance to review it all at once.

Construct Bots - Ironhide


Construct-Bots - This will be my first posting on Construct-Bots. I was curious on how Constuct-Bots mechanism work and how it differ from the already established Lego Bionicle/Hero Factory line and the normal Kre-O brick line. Hasbro stated that with Construct-Bots; you don't need to remove the parts to transform from one form to another. As an additional info; this Construct-Bots (CB) Ironhide is not my first CB. That would be Starscream and I will review it when the time comes. So here is my review of Ironhide.

30th Generation Nightbeat


30th Generations - Welcome back! It has been a very busy month and now I am finally back. I have uploaded Nightbeat picture to Flickr but never got the chance to review the figure.

I never knew Nightbeat in the first place as he never did appear in the G1 animation. Instead I only know the headmaster Minerva who has the same mold as him. I have just read the Marvel G1 and I know that he plays an important role in the Autobot rank. He seems to be more of a detective than a crazy son of a gun. Anyway; if you bought this figure and you saw the comic that came with it, you will also wished that he would have the same mold as Jazz. Instead, you got another retool/repaint of Bumblebee. Here is a review of Nightbeat.