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Combiner Wars - It is a bug world out there. Anyway; this is the second Insecticon that I bought. We are missing the last legend wave (Megatron, Starscream, Gears, Skrapnel, Tailgate, Swerve and Cosmos). Either it arrived a few or none at all (and selling like hot cake). I can't complain much but at least the new Combiner Wars line release Bombshell (and yet to see upcoming Huffer, Blackjack and Warpath). Here is my review of this great and simple figure.



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Insect Mode

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G1 toy was quite simple and really block looking. The Insecticon look more like a vehicle than an insect like it should be. And after a few decade later; the Insecticon finally get the Insect form that they deserved. Just look at it. I really like it very much. Simple and more effective looking than Fall of Cybertron Kickback. The legs can be a bit pointy, so word of advice to not to poke anyone in the eye with it.


Transforming this is guy is quite easy. His antennae part will cover the head and the leg will form the back shell. The only part that need to be concern was the hand that form the insect chest.

Robot Mode

20150426_164021 20150426_164042 20150426_164100

I just love this guy. He is the only member in the group who had a mouth cover. He looks deadly accurate like his G1 animation counterpart. I love the arms and legs articulation on this figure and yet the only setback would be the head. It is fixed and cannot be moved. Unfortunately; he does not equipped with any gun except for his head and both hands that look like a cannon. Unfortunately; there were no official instruction on how to change Bombshell into a weapon for other figures.


I only bought two legend class for this wave; Bombshell and Powerglide. I have skip Thundercracker and Windcharger (as I have already got the best version - Takara United Windcharger). Anyway; I don't regret getting the rest but I am sure can't wait for the next wave to arrived (if it arrives though). I will review CW Powerglide soon. Until then take care and enjoy collecting.

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