30th Generation Springer


30th Generation - Finally, a figure that worth to own. Springer was always that Autobot that hang out with Rodimus, Kup, Blurr and Arcee (and sometimes Ultra Magnus). Anyway, he is part of The Wreckers team and after 30 years; he finally deserved the triple changer treatment. I did previously post the Asian Exclusive Springer before and tease you with this figure. After his G1 debut; there were a few Springer figure but none was a triple changers as before except for the third party not-Springer. So this was the epic figure of them all from Hasbro. Here is my review of Springer



Autobot Springer was built to be a tough guy. Everything about him, from his nickel-plated blaster cannon to his bad-boy attitude, is calculated to communicate exactly what he wants it to - that he's a no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners kind of guy. He prefers to fight alone, trusting his skills and luck to get him out of tight spots, rather than relying on his fellow warriors. After all, other Autobots fail. Autobot Springer never does. Sources: TFU.info

Helicopter Mode


The length of the helicopter mode is quite wide. I really like this mode a lot. Without the dual blaster; it looks a bit dull. So it looks better with the blaster. The rotor on top is actually Springer swords and functional.

Car Mode


His car mode looks like a classic crossover and Batman Tumbler from Batman Begin and The Dark Knight. It looks amazing except that I really do not like the head lights. But that was just minor setback. All-in-all, his car mode looks amazing but not as amazing as his helicopter mode.


I did try to transform it without manual and it is hard as hell. One thing I learned from transforming triple changers was that it is twice as hard. It is very complex that I can compare the complexity to the GT-R GT Alternity line. So it is advisable to read the instruction and understand what to transform and in whichever mode you are on.

Robot Mode


Springer is a true wonder. Even with the complex transformation and two vehicle mode; he stand really nice and sturdy. Even his articulation is quite good. He maintain his G1 look; only this time looking a bit younger and quite a warrior. He is pack with two weapons; a sword and the dual blaster. I only have one QC problem with this figure; and it was the sword itself. The peg is hard that combine the rotor to become the sword is very hard to combine. But that was the only setback.


When I was a kid; Springer was one of the robot that really astonished me. But he was not the first triple changer that I really like. There were Astro Train and Blitzwing. But both are Decepticons. So for an Autobot triple changer; he was an instant favorite for me. And I was excited to hear the news about his release. Currently; this Springer mold has made it way for other repaint/remold such as Sandstorm and the Takara Cloud Rodimus. I bought Sandstorm and he was also a great figure and I will review it soon.

PS: Sorry; I had forgot to properly place the chest piece on his chest.




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