30th Generation Armada Starscream


30th Generation - A long time ago; I owned the Transformers Armada game on the PlayStation 2. It was a good game and what I love was be able to fight Starscream as its protagonist. It was that point that I really want to watch the Transformers anime/cartoon again. And I did. In my deepest thought; I really want to get the Armada Starscream figure. But it was until I started collecting again that I was thinking of getting it through ebay. Luckily; Hasbro has released a new mold based on the same figure. But smaller in deluxe size and much more better. Here is my review of 30th Generation Starscream.



Disrespected by Megatron one too many times, Starscream decides to turn on the Decepticon leader. He once fought to earn honor in the eyes of the tyrant. Now he will stop at nothing to earn his revenge. Info by TFU.INFO

Jet Mode


What I love about the new design was it is sleek and more faithful to the anime/cartoon. Although the color is a bit off due to its light red/orange color compared to the original red Armada Starscream. Instead of pulling the missile mechanism from back to front; the missile is mounted inside the jet engine. This jet mode has a working wheel mechanism on front and rear.


Honestly; this new mold is not as complicated as it used to be. The leg are hidden to form the rear. While both hand are mounted on both side. The front cockpit is pulled up and the head needs to be rotate to hide the whole face. The only complication was both shoulders need to be fitted nicely on both pegs on the wings itself.

Robot Mode


There is a slight differences between this mold and the Takara. Takara is identical to the Armada version while this mold sticks with the IDW comic rendition. One thing I do love about this version is the face. The new looks really differentiate between the anime/cartoon type of Armada and the classic comic book style. In other words; it looks great! You can push the backpack and become his classic Armada mode. Beside the mounted missile launcher on his shoulders; Starscream also pack two energon sword (instead of one like in Armada).


If you are a Starscream fans; then this is for you. I just love this figure. The only setback was the hollow parts that is only visible from the side. And for your information; the Hasbro and Takara version looks absolutely different. I do like the Takara version better; and I do hope that I could get a hand on it soon.




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