Classic Grimlock


Classic 2.0 - I used to have two of this figure. One without the missile that I bought from a friend. And the other one is inside a double pack together with Jetfire. Anyway; there were no voyager Grimlock at that time and this was the closest thing you can get to a G1 Grimlock. Here is my review of a 6 years old figure.



Grimlock keeps a collection of the parts he's torn off his Decepticon enemies. His super-thick ultramantium skin in both robot and dinosaur mode is coated in energy-absorbing materials, making him nearly impervious to damage. There are many who might say much the same thing about his mind. He is acutally quite smart, but a programming flaw in his speech cneters gives him only the most basic communications skills. He dislikes the weak, but is dedicated to the protection of those he views as lesser creatures. The only thing he hates more than weakness, in fact, is those who exploit the weak. - Sources

T-Rex Mode

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Honestly; of all the T-Rex mode, this figure is the best looking (even the Fall of Cybertron Grimlock was not that good). I love how the jaw can be move and how its tail can be moved left and right. And the details on the T-Rex mode is awesome. The only thing that I really dislike was the cannon mounted on his back. Don't feel that was necessary as he is the strongest Autobot around.

Robot Mode

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His transformation process was not hard but rather tedious. Especially when rotating the hands part to form the T-Rex leg. Otherwise it would be simple and easy. Anyway; I love his head sculpt and his the whole figure except when came to the part of the legs. Yes; the legs that form into the head of the T-Rex. Grimlock looks like he is tip-toeing or doing a swan lake recital. He is packed with his blaster/cannon and his tail can be use as a whip or sort of.



Overall; Classic Grimlock was not that bad. He may be shorter and has the same level as any deluxe class. But you can always get the Masterpiece version if you love his classic G1 looks. I know I might if I have cash right now. Hasbro has reissued the Masterpiece and I hope I will not be too late to own the masterpiece version. Anyway, his mold has been used as Shattered Glass Grimlock and later as Overkill (he was supposed to be a cassette).




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