Random Thoughts - Return of the Masterpiece


Masterpiece - This year has been a great year for Masterpiece series. Since the airing of Transformers Prime and the release of the toylines; I really miss the G1-esque and comic style characters (yes, the characters that has a nose). Transformers Prime may have a lot of loyal followers but for me, it is just don't feel right. Since third party companies are racing and eager to bring up their not-G1 characters (and a hefty price tag); fortunately Takara Tomy has heard the fan cries. Yes, the masterpiece is back and at a steady flow compared to the last decade. And since my cousins is collecting Seekers only Masterpiece; I decided that I will go all out for Autobots instead (I do miss out on a few masterpiece such as Rodimus, Red Alert and Tigertrack). There were also times that I wished I had the Hasbro Soundwave. First it was Sideswipe and the rest just followed quietly. Will I review all of those masterpiece? That will be answered in due time. But since there is a lot of YouTube reviewer out there; I suggest that you will follow them instead.


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