Beast Hunters - Optimus Prime

BH Optimus Prime

TP Beast Hunters - I have to admit that I am not really a good fan of Transformers Prime. It was a hype for me once. But after a few episodes and seasons; I had to leave it (and watching the classic G1 and the Unicron trilogy cartoon). I am not a big fan of Transformers that is without a nose.

Then came Beast Hunters; I became more aware that it become more from just a story of machines fighting machines into a hunt for the Predacon. As confusing as the title is; Predacon has two meanings in the Transformers world. The team of combiners that form Predaking and the Decepticon ancestor during the Beast Wars. But in Transformers Prime; it tries to blend both element. Predacon was the ancestor of the Decepticon (instead the other way around) and was led by the mighty Predaking (not a combiner). Optimus was dead once (he was killed and resurrected in many series, that I am becoming tired to hear about it) and resurrected again (Please excuse me as I did NOT watch the end of the last season but I do know that Optimus is still alive). Well, here he is. Optimus became so big than his original design and come with a lot of new surprises.

Vehicle Mode

BH Optimus BH Optimus BH Optimus BH Optimus BH Optimus BH Optimus

I really don't know what type of truck is this but I do know people at Hasbro was thinking to redesign Optimus just like the Cybertron Optimus (which were rather cool). I am not even sure if this is a truck or an SUV. This product was rush and I can see a lot of details missing. So much mistake or just cheaper alternative for a quick buck. Just like its previous TF Prime design, I never did like vehicle mode. I still prefer Bulkhead or Wheeljack for that matter.

Alternate Mode

BH Optimus BH Optimus BH Optimus BH Optimus BH Optimus

First of all; the transformation was not that hard. It is a bit confusing at first especially the waist part. But when you get the hang of it; it will be fine. Anyway, I got to say his alternate mode looks much more better than his vehicle mode. A bit buff (maybe OP was on steroid or something). Like I did mentioned before that this production was rush even before the animation episodes were out. Just look at his stupid grinning face. I do wish that the face plate still remain. The wings was a bit flimsy (maybe for safety reasons). But he do came with an awesome swords. I did try the two guns that can also be his rocket thrust. But I was curious on why the gun side can be expand. Maybe someone can explain it to me.


Anyway, if you are a fan of the episode series; you might want to get this Optimus rather than all the Beast Hunters junk out there. To make it cool, get all the dragons instead of the usual characters. The rest of the toy line series was a bit crap to me. Add some spike here and there or repaint it to make it look different. But BH Optimus Prime was a fresh design. A completely new mold and a truly nice addition to your collection.


BH Optimus Prime BH Optimus BH Optimus BH Optimus BH Optimus BH Optimus BH Optimus BH Optimus BH Optimus BH Optimus BH Optimus BH Optimus BH Optimus


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