G2 Megatron

Generation - Meet the green G2 Megatron. Anyway, instead of being a gun, he became a tank. This is not the only mold that he became a tank. Armada and M. Bay Megatron are a few of those example. I bought this mold as a twin pack and came together with Optimus Prime. Anyway, there are currently 3 colored version for this mold. And I only got two including the Special Edition.

Alternate Mode

I got to say I really like the tank mode better. Anyway, the gimmick where the turret can move is working great. I have to tell you that the green version is plagued with a manufacturer error. Only the Special Edition and United version has fixed this problem. Do you know what the error was? Its the feet. It has been swap from left to right. Your only solution is to unscrew the leg and swap it.

Robot Mode

I am not sure if the original G2 Megatron were bigger than this one. But i do know that this version mantain that G2 looks except for the main turret. In the original G2 version, the turret was mounted on his shoulder. But in this version, it is became his arm cannon. So basicly, it is a mixture of both G1 and G2.

His transformation was a bit hard although it looks pretty straightforward. Why is it hard? This is due to the the arms combined into the turret. Honestly, I love his head sculpt. The color might not be in your favor. But remember, this version pays homage to the original version. So if you love the G1 color version; you can always get the Special Edition version. The only setback was the right arm has a cannon rather than a proper hand. And it gimmick were pretty useless (unless you are a kid). Anyway, there is voyager version of this version with a bright color and a stupid grin (a redeco of ROTF Bludgeon).


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