Rumble & Frenzy Prime

Transformers Prime - First of all; I am sorry for the lack of updates and review. This is due to technical issue whereas I don't have a proper PC or laptop to access the Internet. Luckily Google has a Blogger application for Androids. This makes it a bit easier even without a PC. Anyway, this will be my first review for the deluxe class Transformers Prime - Rumble.


Rumble loves using his quake-producing armament to shake up the opposition. Though he is most often found by the side (or rather, inside) of his powerful commander, Soundwave, Rumble can be a surprisingly effective warrior on his own. His piledrivers can open up the ground below his opponents, throwing even the mightiest warriors for a tumble! It's these moments of chaos that keep up Rumble's morale.

Vehicle Mode

As you can see, their vehicle mode is an urban city car. Really reminds me of Proton Savvy and the rear looks like a Ford Focus. The Takara Tomy has a very nice and clean paint. Although I hate to admit that I really do not like those foil stickers. I have bad experience applying those when I was a kid. The Hasbro has a light cyan color with red tinted windows and the rims is black compared to the silver on both Takara version.

Alternate Mode

First of all; the transformation process. I really love transforming this figure. It is the most simple and most fun. I really like the gimmick where the head is hidden in the chest part and pops up when you open the chest. Although the Hasbro version does not even look like the original G1 Rumble. It does has unique head and equipped with its dual cannon that looks like a pile driver.

The Takara version got the micron weapon for each of the figure instead of two like the Hasbro version. Up until now, I have not assembled the whole thing because I am still thinking of spraying it black.

If you look closely at the Hasbro version, the body part looks like a face. It seems this design has spread to the Beast Hunters toyline. The only thing I hate about the Hasbro version is that the ball joint for the legs tend to loose due to wear and tear.

So if you ask me which version is the best; I would suggest to get the three of them. Maybe if you hate the Hasbro version, you can still use its weapon for your other Takara version of these figure.


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