Wishlist - Superion


Wishlist - Superion was one of my most favorite Autobot combiners of all time. I use to have Superion G1 when I was a kid. Been a good companion to me when I was a kid and my most memorable Transformers that I ever had. After surfing the Internet for Superion, I found the Universe version of Superion. He was astounding and look really great. In my deepest heart, I really miss my old G1 Superion and wanted the new Superion really bad.

Last week, one of my most respected collectors on Facebook, Maiddin Hafiz contacted me about Superion. I had asked him a few months ago but he only had Bruticus on his collection. Luckily, he contacted me again and told me that Superion is available on his stock. Today, I am proud to have Superion in my collection. I am quite happy and speechless with my new Superion after my first G1 Superion that I lost 23 years ago.


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