Transformers: Dark of the Moon Review

Movie Review - Transformers is back. This time Micheal Bay had listened to fans who cried before. To fans who hated the last movie, you can be sure that this time around, Dark of the Moon will not disappoint you. I can guarantee that. No more lubricate or humping jokes, no more stereotype robot and no more robot scrotum. Just a very exciting, a bit bumpy and a super roller coaster ride. Warning! Spoiler alert! Please proceed if you really want to know how it goes.

The story began where Revenge of the Fallen had left off. The introduction told us a brief story about the War for Cybertron. In desperate measures, the Autobot had developed a secret weapon that could end the war and the energy crisis in Cybertron. The weapon technology was on board of the legendary Autobot space ship, The Ark. It crashed landed on the dark side of the moon. Both the American and Russian government had detected the crashed and coincidentally persuade them to rush their space program. Then the movie proceed to a few decades later. After the investigation incident in Chernobyl, Optimus realize that the human had hid important information that could gave the Autobot an upper hand against the Decepticon.

Then we go back to the main character, Sam Witwicky. A few years after the Egyptian incident; Sam has finally graduate from college and looking for a job. Interestingly, he had been dumped by Mikaela and found a new girlfriend, Carly (one of the main characters in G1 animated series). He was so frustrated for not having a job and not be able to assist the Autobot. But all those were about to change after he got a job and found out that one of his colleague were killed by a Decepticon. Then all hell went lose. He was chased after by a Decepticon and uncover a very hard truth that all this time, the Decepticon had been working with the human all along.

I will stop until there. This time around, Micheal Bay really hears the cries of every fans very closely. There are no more useless sex jokes or stereotype Transformers. It had been tone down to a more serious plot and characters development. This time the Transformers were given a lot of screen time that they really deserved. Newcomer, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (Carly) really outshine Megan Fox in this one. She surprisingly can act for a newcomer. The relationship between Sam and Carly was a challenging one. Some fans expect that Megan Fox would be on this next role. But I guess its better that way. It would be obvious that the direction would fail miserably.

The main focus of this movie was on both Sam and Dylan Gould (Patrick Demsey). Dylan Gould is Carly's boss and Sam was really envy him for being close to his girlfriend. Little did Sam knows that Dylan would be the main protagonist in the biggest planetary plot ever. But it was Agent Seymour (John Turturro) who became the bridge in this plot. With his help, Sam uncover the shocking truth behind the moon landing and tried to warn the Autobot before its too late. Later in this movie, Sergeant Epps (Tyrese Gibson) would lead his supporting role when the action started. And before the end of the movie, Lt. Colonel Lennox (Josh Duhamel) who would lead his NEST team against the invading force.

The plot is now simplified and not very confusing. The plot is well planned and well told. It is no more 'too much big bang' and more to 'story-bang-story' genre. Well balanced considering the bad past experience with Revenge of the Fallen. It took the formula that the first Transformers (2007) has done. Emphasize more on stories rather than action. To me, I felt like watching the first Bad Boys (in which is also a Micheal Bay film). The friendship, the love interest, the treacherous plot and the turn of event. A good formula and this time, it was arranged in a good way. The only bad part of this movie was there were cut scene where at one time Bumblebee was saving Sam then the next, he and his Autobot team was captured by Soundwave. There are also part where Optimus left his trailer after being chased by Shockwave and then all the sudden he became jet mode. I guess we will have to see it on the extended version this Novermber on Blu-Ray or DVD (if there is any extended version)

The action scene is truly amazing. From the Chernobyl plant fighting scene to the highway battle; the action does not stop. I really love the highway battle. It was the Dreads that makes me feel chill all over. There were also certain light moment when both Primes were finally reunited. But the scene I love the most was when Megatron in Africa. His transformation scene was absolutely amazing. Then there were also certain characters that I really hate. For example, Igor and Que (who tends to be like James Bond's characters Q). Lucky for Dino that he is a Ferrari (or I would definitely hate him too). Then it was the two mischief Autobot that was really funniest amongst all, Brains and Wheelie (I really hate the foolish joke by Agent Seymour). There were also some sad moment when one of the closest Autobot were betrayed by his own collegue (I won't tell you who unless you watch the movie).

Conclusion - Some people might like this movie and some might yet hate it. I asked a lot of people, and most people say that the action was a bit tone down. That is fine by my book as long there are story progress and characters development. There were a lot of reference in this movie. Example would be when Laserbeak transform into a laser copier, the original Megatron and Galvatron voices and Star Trek references. Try to find it. Before I forget, try to look for Mudflap and Skid. Both of them are in the movie but you will have to find them.


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