Transformers Prime (Season 1)

The Hub Transformers Prime - I was skeptical at first when I watched the teaser trailer. Remember The Transformers Animated? It went out after the 2007 movie release. I was also skeptical during that time. To me, a Transformers that look like a deformed robot is not really my taste. But I was wrong. Very terribly wrong. Transformers Animated maybe different than its predecessor, but nevertheless it is one enjoyable (a bit cheesy sometimes) TV series. Now came Transformers Prime.

Transformers Prime is the first Transformers series for Hasbro new television channel - The Hub. Different from its movie and animated counterpart, Transformers Prime is focused on three young kids, Jack, Miko and Raf with their newly discovered Autobot friends, Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Bulkhead, Bumblebee and Arcee. Like in most Transformers universe, the Autobot fight for their survival against a common superior enemy, Megatron and his Decepticon legion. Megatron with his untrusted commander, Starscream is finding way to harvest dark energon and awaken dead Transformers. These dead Transformers (robot zombies) will do the bidding of the dark energon harvester (in this case, Megatron) and invade earth. But the Autobot were always there to stop them and succeed.

The main plot of the story was always about dark energon but there are some parts that introduce new characters in this series. In the first season, we saw Cliffjumper (voiced by Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson) being captured and terminated by the Decepticon. Cliffjumper was a good and close friend of Arcee. Then there are a few appearance from other characters from the Transformers universe such as Wheeljack (Autobot), Tailgate (Autobot), Makeshift (Decepticon), Airachnid (Decepticon), Skyquake (Decepticon) and Dreadwing (Decepticon). There are also non align characters such as Scraplet (from Marvel's Transformers) who ate robotic life-form and M.E.C.H. (a terrorist organization).

The character development in this series are very well arranged. It won't confuse you even if you missed an episode. To me, most of the episode are too focused on either Arcee, Ratchet or Starscream. Even the big bot, Optimus Prime had a little to tell. Primarily, Optimus is a leader and as a leader, his command is absolute. While the treacherous Starscream take a bit more professional approach than his G1 or animated counterpart. He is more intelligent than some bewildered robot who wants to take over Megatron at any chance he can. Starscream took a more careful planning so that his hideous scheme will not be detected by other Decepticon especially Soundwave. While Arcee is a bit of a rebel but a strong profound character. She had lost a lots of comrade in battle. It hits her very hard to lose someone close to her every time. But it does make her stronger.

Other characters such as Ratchet and Bulkhead was quite a comic relief. Although a very intelligent scientist and a good soldiers, Ratchet is almost identical to the animated series. So does Bulkhead. Even the ego maniac doctor, Knock Out and Decepticon own musclemen (robot in this case), Breakdown, add a bit of interesting addition to this series. The appearance of Airachnid bring the spooky side of the Decepticon. This series are more focus to the three human kids, Jack, Miko and Raf. In addition, Special agent Fowler brings the sarcastic side of this series but often end up being saved by the Autobot.

Conclusion - Some of the Transformers fan will like and yet some will dislike this series. But to me this series is amazing. The robot design and the animation is a bit turn off to some of you but to me it looks really amazing. Especially when the toyline is on the horizon. The only things that really a disappointment in this series is the original soundtrack. The introduction music is simple and I really miss the Transformers jingle like in Transformers Armada and Animated. But all in all,it is a great TV series and More Than Meet The Eyes.


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