Transformers Dark of the Moon Review by IGN

IGN Review - Michael Bay and Co. strive to redeem themselves here for Revenge of the Fallen. Did they succeed? Mostly. Of course, those who loathe the series won't be convinced no matter what, but that begs the question why they'd even bother to see the third film let alone go in with an open mind. There are pacing problems and pockets of goofy humor in the first part of Act Two that threaten to derail the film, but it wisely course-corrects enough to save itself. Its last hour is the full-on human vs. robot war film that the Terminator series has always promised but never delivered. Transformers: Dark of the Moon may not be a great film, but it is largely great fun. In a summer movie season that's only had a handful of films that have really offered that, it's nice to see the Transformers exit the screen (at least for now) on a high rather than low note. Click Here for the full review


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