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Combiner Wars - Finally a better looking Powerglide. I can't afford to buy the Classic 2.0 Powerglide; so this would be quite a nice value for your money. Basically, Powerglide is one of the G1 mini-bot (and how I wish that Beachcomber and Seaspray would be redesign). When Hasbro announce Powerglide as a legend class Combiner Wars figure; I was really excited. The new figure is the best looking Powerglide known and identical to his animation counterpart. And the best part; he transform himself into a powerful blaster for the combiners. Here is my review of him.



Aerial acrobat well-versed in dogfighting tactics (seriously??). - Sources:

Vehicle Mode

More like G1? 20150519_020032
Almost felt like G1 20150519_020041

Who would not love the A-10 Thunderbolt? The most powerful airplane on the face of this planet. A tank buster with high-piercing Gatling gun. And not just that, Powerglide is considered a very great aerialbots that can do extreme maneuver and can defeat even a more experience aerial Decepticons. Unfortunately; his jet mode is quite small and overshadowed by the bigger jet plane of the real Aerialbots. Anyway, my only concern about this mode was that it is quite long compared to the previous DoTM figure and the rear wings just can't seem to stand properly due to poor plastic hinges.


I can find this figure is quite easy than the previous DoTM Powerglide (that one is a bit of small nightmare). Anyway, to transform him is quite simple as expected from a legend class. The legs is the most easiest parts. There is a hidden compartment at the back of his chest where you pull out or push inside it according to your transformation mode. The wings if folded and form the shoulder parts if you are in robot mode. While both hands became either a tank compartment/missile. Anyway, I won't straightaway goes to robot mode. Instead I did mentioned about his third form (yes, Powerglide is a triple changer).

Special Gun Mode

Its time to combine our weapon. Oops, wrong TV series 20150519_020515
Just imagine a big blue laser with missile out of this 20150519_020906
Its like a toy gun for Transformers

I never thought that I would see another amazing gimmick since the Targetmaster or the Mini-Con. This weapon can be hold by a voyager class Transformers and the combined form Transformers. Looks better with the combiners than the normal voyager.

Robot Mode

Looks good 20150519_015347
Color in high definition 20150519_015442
Look ma! I got a tail!

I love this new figure. More solid and more cartoon accurate. It seems that Hasbro did a good job with this figure. I wished they did the same with the rest of the figure rather than a repaint/re-sculpt their existing figure. Unfortunately, he lacks of weapon. But I do praise for his good articulation. His height is also quite tall than most legend or commander class.



Powerglide is a great addition to your Combiner Wars collection. There is another repaint/re-sculpt of Powerglide that really got me excited. The Decepticon Viper which appeared have the Decepticon and Cobra insignia. I would love to get my hands on that figure as well.

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Fun Fact - Sources:

  • Classics Fireflight, a redeco of Legends of Cybertron Jetfire, was originally intended to be Powerglide, but Hasbro apparently could not secure the trademark at the time.
  • As an indirect result of the above, Powerglide has the honor of being the only Generation 1 character whose alternate mode was based on a specific make of a real life vehicle (airborne or ground-based) to have multiple new toys which all retain the same alternate mode (artistic license for the sake of circumventing licensing issues nonwithstanding), even extending to an alternate universe counterpart!
  • Powerglide makes an appearance in one of the five Transformers public service announcements, speaking out against gender discrimination.
  • 3200 miles per hour is Mach 4.16, MUCH faster than ANY modern combat jet, let alone a real A-10 Thunderbolt II... not that jet-based alt modes are known for realism.
  • He is the only Generation 1 transformer with 4 digits on each hand (if you discount the Monster Pretender shells).




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